Why You Need to Host in Person Weekly Meetings

Since millennials have entered the workforce many businesses have opted out of standard in-office procedures and are allowing employees to work remotely. In many instances this saves both the business and the employee both time and money. Occasionally however, intent and clarity can be lost in a jumble of emails, phone calls, and texts. I personally like to host weekly, in person meetings to keep my team on track. I am not a micro-manager, and I like to think I hire people who are self-starters, but even the most focused team needs a cohesive vision. Checking in once a week makes sure that everyone is on the same page and also builds a team atmosphere for employees who may not always be working in the same room, even if they are working to achieve the same goal.

Recently I read an article on Entrepreneur.com that perfectly elocutes how to host a successful meeting that leaves everyone feeling clear, on task, and that their time is respected.

Find the article here, and let me know your thoughts!