Why Workplace Diversity Is Necessary for Success in Business

The demographic makeup of the United States is changing all the time, with communities continuing to welcome new members from around the globe. In addition, technology keeps advancing to increase our connectedness and improve our understanding of what life is like for those in other countries. The rich experiences that diversity offers through our daily […]

The Los Angeles Police Foundation – Over Two Decades of Supporting the LAPD

When an emergency happens, Los Angeles residents—just like people in cities and towns across the United States—rely on their police force to respond. Public safety is important to sustain strong and vibrant communities. So, what enables these committed men and women bring their all to the job of protecting the public? And who supports them […]

10 Steps to Take to Prepare for Retirement.

Retirement is the light at the end of the tunnel for most—if not all—working people. Although some prefer to stay active in the workforce even well into their 70s or 80s, it’s safe to say that finally being able to retire is a major goal for every working person. But planning for retirement is a […]

6 Top Tips for Buying an Investment Property

Have you been contemplating investing in real estate? It certainly has an allure, especially when the property market is strong and investors are seeing high returns on their initial financial outlay. Maybe you’re interested in purchasing a multi-plex residential building, an apartment complex, or a commercial building. Before you start estimating the potential monetary returns, […]

Is There a Shock Headed Towards the Real Estate Market?

The housing market has been intense since the height of the pandemic, partly due to the introduction of the mortgage forbearance program, which allows some borrowers to pause their payments. Nearly 7.2 million homeowners were enrolled in the program, and now that number is down to just 1.7 million. Now that the Biden-Harris administration announced […]

The American Cancer Society – Education, Support, Research and So Much More

The National Cancer Institute estimates that in 2021 about 1.9 million people in the United States will be diagnosed with cancer. Many of them turn to the American Cancer Society for support and information. This outstanding organization has helped a great number of Americans navigate their way forward with cancer. Their expertise is invaluable and […]