What is next for Restaurants in a Post-COVID World?

It is clear that restaurants are amongst the hardest hit industries affected by COVID-19, if not THE hardest hit. It was reported 1 in 6 restaurants will not be able to open up their doors again at all. In the United States, 110,000 restaurants have closed, and in the height of the pandemic, 20.5 million […]

Statement regarding the terrible death of George Floyd and the BLM movement

The United States has been rocked recently by the senseless death of George Floyd. Unfortunately, George’s death has not been the first of preventable deaths caused by the police in recent years, therefore his death magnified many of the problems the country faces with regards to police brutality against the Black community. I want to […]

How Banks Can Begin to Regain Consumer Trust

Since the financial crisis of 2007/8 rocked the world of finance and real estate the public perception of big banks is still largely dominated by negative perceptions by consumers and these days banks are constantly struggling to regain the trust of their customers, from offering incentives to sign up and so on. The statistics are […]

The Highest Paid Summer Internship Programs for College Students

The weather is undoubtedly getting warmer which means Summer is quickly approaching. For those of you who are in your junior or senior year of college, this likely means securing a summer internship in order to get a step ahead in your job search in the years to come. Working a summer internship is a […]

This Week in Finance

Wow, another week has passed us by and the market is ever changing. This week there was quite a lot going on so let’s dive in! Here are my top investment articles of the week. * The Rise Of A New Asset Class: A Home Ownership Investment via Forbes by Omri Barzilay * Financial experts to […]

Topic of the Day: Bank Transactions, Small and Large

The other day I went into a local bank in Beverly hills. It was a bank that I do not have an account at, but I was going there to direct deposit money into two separate accounts of people that I am doing business with. I was depositing a $100,000 check for an investment and […]